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John Lithgow

Princeton Entertainment produced for John Lithgow three highly successful children’s productions: John Lithgow’s Farkle and Friends, John Lithgow’s Perfectly Ridiculous, and Sunny Side of the Street.

Farkle McBride, a children’s introduction to the orchestra, and fun-capped performance featuring songs from John’s Farkle and Friends record, became the most acclaimed children’s program for orchestra with multiple performances with orchestras across the country, including the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, and Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

John’s second children’s program, Perfectly Ridiculous, was featured as a gift to the children of New York by Carnegie Hall and Hallmark shortly after September 11th. Princeton and John toured Perfectly Ridiculous throughout the Midwest and Northeast.

Sunny Side of the Street premiered at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, marking John’s first children’s show using a jazz band as his accompaniment.

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