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Star Wars: A Musical Journey

Princeton Entertainment represented John Williams’ interest and served as musical director for the global tour Star Wars: A Musical Journey based on the number one entertainment property in the world.

Featuring scenes from the original six epic motion pictures, Star Wars: A Musical Journey highlighted John Williams’ spectacular scores performed by world class orchestras.

The production included a galaxy’s worth of memorabilia from the actual Star Warsshoots and premiered with a series of performances at the O2 Arena in London featuring the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Star Wars: A Musical Journey allowed the most ardent fans a glimpse from a different perspective. It enthralled families and was a sensational date-night experience. More than anything, it elevated audience members to a better understanding of the crucial role that music plays in the movie experience. A Musical Journey’s mass appeal crossed generations, serving as an introduction to orchestral music for the youngest generation while rewarding fanatics of all ages. The music, visual effects, film, and the extraordinary sound will all come together for a rousing and unique and sensational family entertainment experience that people had been waiting for years to enjoy.

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